Why I voted for Ray Kurzweil for president

November 6, 2012

Kurzweil represents the best aspects of America: entrepreneurship, invention, scientific research, helping others, and sharing knowledge. Kurzweil makes predictions and then assesses the accuracy of those predictions.

He has an accuracy rate which far surpasses other predictors. He incorporates new scientific evidence to change his worldview, as he did between his books The 10% Solution for a Healthy Life and Transcend

One of Kurzweil’s messages is simple, yet few people contemplate it. This basic message is: death is bad. Death kills more people than any other cause… Kurzweil is not a mathematician, but his MIT degree and experience in engineering means that he probably understands math and its application to reality better than any politician.

Ray Kurzweil also contemplates and discusses the importance of information technology in today’s world. Decades before Marc Andreessen wrote about how software is eating the world, Kurzweil was predicting the rise of the Web and the increasing involvement of artificial intelligence in everyday life. He also goes beyond simply predicting the future and decides to create it through inventions that improve accessibility for disabled people.

He makes decisions based on scientific and engineering data rather than relying on obsolete religious documents. Kurzweil’s increasing involvement in biotechnology through serving on the board of United Therapeutics and writing his new book How to Create a Mind shows that biotechnology can be as important and revolutionary in the years to come as information technology has been over the past several decades. […]

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