Simon Fraser University Community Summit brings together world leaders and the folks next door to talk innovation

September 17, 2014

The Simon Fraser University Community Summit is bringing in two well known big thinkers: CBC host and author Amanda Lang will moderate an evening with Ray Kurzweil and Richard Florida.

One of Google’s chief engineers, Kurzweil will likely address the idea of transhumanism — where people and computers combine to make a greater whole. Well-known urban theorist Florida, who has written about cultural and technological innovation, will discuss innovation in terms of equality. […]

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Simon Fraser University | Community Summit

Simon Fraser University 2014 Community Summit

Will innovation save us? Simon Fraser University Public Square, in partnership with Vancity and Vancouver Foundation, is proud to present Will Innovation Save Us? An evening of thought provoking discussion featuring Ray Kurzweil and Richard Florida, moderated by CBC’s Amanda Lang.

The world is changing, and the rate of change is accelerating faster than ever before. How will communities and people survive and prosper in uncertain times ahead? An authentic curiosity and open discussion about innovation encourages us to keep our eyes wide open and imagine the future. What kind of life do we want for our children?

How will we address the world’s great social, economic and environmental challenges? What kind of creative people do we need to meet these challenges? How can new technologies such as artificial intelligence enrich and expand human capabilities?

Will we merge human biology with technology? Should we? Talking about innovation raises important questions to which we must find answers. Before it’s too late. Prompting the ultimate question: Will innovation save us?