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August 1, 2021


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featurette title: the Singularity of Ray Kurzweil
date: 2009

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Ray Kurzweil tells us about his vision of the singularity — a point around year 2045 when computers will acquire full-blown artificial intelligence and tech will infuse itself with biology. His theories have all sorts of supporters, detractors, and critics. But do you even remember what life was like before 3 year-olds had smart-phones and you actually had to remember facts instead of relying on the web?

If Kurzweil is right, we’ll have super-computers more powerful than every human brain on the planet combined, within a few decades. Despite being perceived as an extreme optimist, Kurzweil is the first to admit this tech could quickly bring an end to the world as we know it. Stuff like gray goo is a concern. But a biological terrorist attack could happen tomorrow — that’s based on the same type of tech he says will bring an un-imaginable future.

He believes we’ll exist in a permanent virtual / real hybrid. Everyone will be hyper-intelligent, shape-shifting non-biological humans who can live forever. That’s as much as we can explain on our own — enjoy the interview.

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AI = artificial intelligence
VR = virtual reality