The Top 75 New York Times Best-Selling Education Books of 2013

December 18, 2013

Welcome to the debut of The New York Times Bestseller List of Education titles.

This collection of eclectic and far-ranging titles is intended to get people talking and thinking about the many ways we discuss education, how we present sometimes arcane subjects, and how we think about teaching and learning at all ages and in many contexts.

The list was compiled by looking at every adult nonfiction title that was reported each week to the New York Times Bestseller Lists though December 7, 2013, in both print and electronic formats.

This includes titles that were released in earlier years, but continue to enjoy sales; for this first experiment, we wanted to cast a wide net to see what turned up naturally. […]

35. How to Create a Mind, by Ray Kurzweil. (Penguin)

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