He sees the future and it’s amazing

January 28, 2014

Move over, Nostradamus. Ray’s taking over as top prognosticator.

Kurzweil predicted when an internet would become central to daily life — back in the 1980s when few believed him. He predicted with startling accuracy when a computer could beat a world chess champion — eight years before it happened. But he also predicted the dismantling of the Soviet Union. What does Google’s genius clairvoyant say is coming? […]

1. Immortality — ┬ábacking up immune systems with nanobots in residence in our bodies, and backing up our brains to the cloud.

2. Self-driving cars.

3. Switch off fat cells — by 2020.

4. Print your own clothes— by 2020, thanks to now-existing 3D printers.

5. VR 4D — virtual reality games with images surrounding you, including their touch and smell, by 2023.

6. Vertical, robot-run, no-impact farms.

7. Solar energy.