What happens when machine overtakes man?

November 19, 2013

As listeners may know, Glenn Beck believes strongly in Ray Kurzweil’s work and the concept of Singularity. Kurzweil argued that this convergence, resulting in Singularity, would occur due to exponential increases in technology, which would develop at faster and faster rates over time under the Law of Accelerating Returns.

Glenn has argued that technological advances will be so rapid and jarring that the results will often be unpredictable, and potentially dangerous without a virtuous public. […]

He stated earlier this year:

“I want you to understand, it’s nothing to fear as long as we are in control. There is nothing stopping it. The government would have to take away all the technology for this trend to reverse or stop — and you cannot do that.

The answer is not, should not, and cannot be regulation. The answer is not anti-technology. The answer is to be strong in ethics, and community and decency. To control it, and to know you’re about to be overwhelmed by what you are about to see in just the next few years.” — Glenn Beck

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