Transcendence movie features real future predictions

April 16, 2013

Transcendence, a 2014 movie produced by Christopher Nolan, features events which are predicted by many scientists and futurists as likely to occur in reality within the first half of this century. The predictions featured include those subscribed to by Ray Kurzweil, Hugo de Garis, and Jason Silva.

Ray Kurzweil’s predictions: The technological singularity, often called simply the singularity, is most notably predicted by famed futurist Ray Kurzweil, as being an event which will happen around the year 2045.

The Singularity is defined as the point in time when artificial intelligence becomes smarter than the unaided human mind. At which time, this enhanced mind will teach itself to become infinitely smarter, and so cause an “intelligence explosion.” The Singularity will undoubtedly immediately lead to the curing of all diseases, even aging, and solve all of humanities other traditional problems. […]