Google, Ray Kurzweil developing ambitious intelligent AI search tech

Computers that truly understand language
January 15, 2013

New Google hire and accomplished inventor Ray Kurzweil recently described his ambitious current project at the search giant.

Kurzweil is hoping to leverage Google’s massive pool of resources and data to develop technology that would create truly intelligent computers that can understand human language on a deep level.

The technology could be used to create hyper-intelligent search engines that answer questions before you even ask them.

His project at Google is focused on getting computers to understand natural language. Computers are unable to determine the meanings behind the words, phrases and sentences that they parse through by the billions on the internet, Kurzweil explained, but he’s is looking to change that with Google.

“It will know at a semantically deep level what you’re interest in. Not just the topic,” he said. “It will know the specific questions and concerns you have. It will be constantly surveying new knowledge and bringing things to your attention it thinks you want.”

He said that technology will answer our questions before we even ask them, and that this function would likely be integrated into the core technology of our devices and computers. […]

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