Singularity University focuses on tech transforming society

December 29, 2016

Singularity University wants to help people envision and create upbeat prospects. Singularity University isn’t a university: it combines a think tank, business incubator, world-wide conferences and short duration on-site education programs, with an online community of alumni.

Singularity comes from the science fiction concept of a point where tech changes so rapidly it transforms human life. More specifically, it comes from futurist & inventor, co-founder Ray Kurzweil’s 2006 book The Singularity Is Near: when humans transcend biology. Singularity University co-founder Peter Diamandis is best known for X Prize, a $10 million reward for the first private reusable manned spacecraft.

Google co-founder Larry Page championed Kurzweil’s and Diamandis’ idea of a “transhumanist” approach to goals. Founded in 2009, Singularity University changed from a non-profit to a benefit corporation, a form of for-profit business. It considers solving big problems and ordinary corporate profit making goals.

Singularity University’s summer program called Global Solutions has this participant agenda: come up with an idea to positively impact the lives of a billion people. Clean water, renewable energy, health, hunger, poverty. “Exponential” is a word used at Singularity University, which focuses on tech with potential to accelerate at warp speed.

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