Peter Fingar, the cognitive computing era is upon us

May 20, 2015

Geoffrey Everest Hinton is a computer scientist and psychologist, noted for his work on artificial neural networks.

Now working for Google, he joins artificial intelligence pioneer and futurist Ray Kurzweil, and Andrew Ng, the Stanford University professor who set up Google’s neural network team in 2011.

Deep learning is now considered cutting edge AI that represents an evolution over primitive neural networks.

He is co-inventor of back propagation, the Boltzmann machine, and contrastive divergence training algorithms. Important in deep learning applications in speech recognition, computer vision and language understanding. Unlike past neural networks, newer ones called deep neural networks can have many layers.

Google recently made a $500 million acquisition of Deep Mind. Facebook recently hired New York University professor Yann LeCun, a respected pioneer in AI. Microsoft has 65 PhD level researchers working on deep learning. China’s Baidu search company hired Stanford University’s Andrew Ng. […]

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