Podcast: Will biotech save us or hurt us? Ray Kurzweil debates Susan Greenfield at BioAgenda Summit 2006

March 28, 2006

IT Conversations | As part of the recent BioAgenda Summit 2006, Baroness Susan Greenfield, Director of the Royal Institution of Great Britain, debates Ray Kurzweil, one of America’s most prolific inventors and a futuristic thinker in his own right.

Their topic? One of the burning questions of our time: Will biotechnology save us? Or hurt us? The answers are nuanced, and they often don’t agree. We’ll find out how the audience voted —  from help us to hurt us, to “It’s too early to tell.”

Baroness Susan Greenfield is the author of The Private Life of the Brain.

Podcast: “Will biotech save us or hurt us?”: Ray Kurzweil’s debates Susan Greeenfield