On the Net: Singular

September 11, 2008

“…You’ll find lively essays by diverse hands about the Singularity on KurzweilAI.net, including “Tearing Toward the Spike” by Australian scifi writer Damien Broderick; “What is Friendly AI?” by Eliezer S. Yudkowsky, a force in the Singularitarian community; “Singularity Math Trialogue” by Kurzweil, Moravec, and Vinge (actually an exchange of email); and an excerpt from Kurweil’s next book, The Singularity Is Near.

“As an aside, I should add that KurzweilAI.net is the most amazing site I’ve visited since I began this gig. It addresses not only the Singularity, but also immortality, virtual reality, machine consciousness, and a range of possible futures. Some of the great visionaries of our time have contributed essays to the site and return from time to time to defend their thinking on a bulletin board.”