Nominations for KurzweilAI Forums moderators

October 17, 2014

In a KurzweilAI Forums discussion, “Forum Mods,” started Oct. 16, Forums participants nominated Six25 potential candidates for the role of Forums moderator.

SixFive of those nominated agreed and were also not criticized during the discussion. They are shown in the first Sixfive rows in the table below. The first fourthree of these candidates had a number of supporting comments.

Any changes or additions?

Username Agreed to serve Criticized Agreed
& were not
Comments by candidates
Leo Y N Y I’ll do as best as I can. If it’s not enough we can find someone else :)
Purpose y N Y See below
Extropia Y N Y OK part-time
Captn Y N Y
CNOT Y (?) N Y
JamesRussel Y Y
Strings N N
Starheart N
Zoosh Badlegs  Y N
Cam44 N
iPan Y Y
Spikosauropod Y Y
Barking Monkey N N
Misskaishon N
James Jaeger
Gary S. Gaulin
Glove N N

Comment by Purpose: I’ll do it on three conditions:

1) Extropia or someone equally as qualified is the other mod.
2) Any ruling by one mod is voided in the event the other mod(s) disagrees (i.e. either mod can void the others actions, although obviously the “Editor” would have the ultimate final say if it came to that).
3) Being a mod does not require the moderator to behave in a particular manner, i.e. as long as the mod themselves follow the rules they can be themselves and participate in the forum.