Because of Uber, self-driving cars will be everywhere and soon

August 31, 2015

Bill Gates thinks Uber has the best shot at dominating the autonomous vehicle industry. I’ve become little obsessed with exponentially accelerating technology of late. I spent a week at Singularity University, fully indoctrinated into the cult of inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil.

As long as Uber is around, flush with cash and hugely ambitious, autonomous vehicles will continue their doubling trend, ultimately becoming better than driver vehicles and much less expensive.

Uber is pretty much eating the world right now. It has more money than everybody else, more lobbyists than everybody else, more naked ambition than everybody else.

Once Uber gets access to self-driving cars, it has eliminated almost all of its labor costs. It has raised $5.5 billion, is worth somewhere between $40 and $50 billion. And the company  has proven itself willing to throw those resources at anything standing in its way, whether that’s regulation, market barriers, or technological limitations.

Last year, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick publicly imagined a future in which his drivers are replaced with robots. Uber poached 40 driverless car researchers and scientists from Carnegie Mellon University to populate its new tech center.

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