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no. 5 | by Ray Kurzweil
January 1, 2019

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story title: the Top 5: artificial intelligence books
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author: by Prajakta Patil
date: June 2019

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Reading the latest books ensures that you develop + understand different perspectives on a subject. The computer field of artificial intelligence has rapidly changed — and continues to change—  the way we perform our daily tasks and operate businesses. Its fast progress may leave many professionals feeling like they’re struggling to keep pace with the developments.

To help you stay ahead of the curve, it’s necessary to keep updating yourself about tech fresh perspectives. Here are some recommended reads: to help you understand the AI revolution, grasp its impact, and prepare for an AI-driven future.

LIST | the Top 5 books on artificial intelligence

1. |
book title: Life 3.0
deck: Being human in the age of artificial intelligence
author: by Max Tegmark PhD
year: 2017
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This book revolves around author, physicist, and cosmologist Max Tegmark PhD. He sets-out to differentiate the myths of AI from reality in an approachable way. He manages to answer  challenging questions about creating a prosperous world with AI — and how to protect AI from being hacked.

The book aims to help the layperson understand what will be most affected by AI in our day-to-day lives. A great primer into the world of AI.

2. |
book title: Human + Machine
deck: re-Imagining work in the age of AI
author: by Paul Daugherty + H. James Wilson
year: 2018
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Written by Paul Daugherty — Chief Tech + Innovation Officer at Accenture. And James Wilson — Managing Director of IT + Business Research at Accenture. The book has a focus on the business applications + implications of AI. It explains that the transformation of all business processes in an organization is the essence of the AI paradigm shift.

The book talks about the business areas where humans + machines work closely together today — and reveals the ways companies leverage advancements in AI tech for profit. An interesting read for all corporate officers.

3. |
book title: Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence
deck: And the end of the human era.
author: by James Barrat
year: 2013
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This excellent book on AI considers the dangers of anthropomorphizing computer artificial general intelligence (AGI) — and notes that super-intelligence is a completely different type of threat. James Barrat talks about the various agencies + governments invested in researching artificial general intelligence.

Experts today believe that once the goal of AGI is achieved, computers will have a survival drive similar to humans. Barratt discusses this — concluding that artificial super-intelligence will eventually become a threat to humanity.

4. |
book title: SuperIntelligence
deck: paths, dangers, strategies
author: by Nick Bostrom PhD
year: 2014
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Animals lack the capabilities of humans, making humanity the dominant species on earth today. Nick Bostrom PhD discusses the implications if this dominant position is compromised due to computer super-intelligence. This philosophical book asks more questions than it answers.

It talks about a time when machines will surpass human intelligence — and whether this will be positive or negative for civilization. If a day like that ever occurs — the fate of humanity will be dependent on machine super-intelligence, much like the fate of gorillas depends on humans today. This book is ambitious and carefully makes its path through an intellectual terrain we’d all like to be able to ignore. Scary but compelling.

5. |
book title: the Singularity Is Near
deck: When humans transcend biology.
author: by Ray Kurzweil
year: 2006
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— about —

Ray Kurzweil is known for his respected opinions about the role of tech in the future. In his classic book the Age of Spiritual Machines he explores how computers are soon going to rival human intelligence. He dives into super artificial intelligence and describes singularity from a fresh perspective.

Kurzweil says that singularity is the point where the intelligence of machines + humans will merge. And once that happens, there will be no stopping these machines. So much potential.

— closing thoughts —

Additionally: these books below are also great artificial intelligence books for beginners. Get lost in the rich history, current advancements, as well as the fascinating fictional world. Hope this list will guide you develop a multi-faceted view of AI.

book title: How to Create a Mind
deck: The secret of human thought revealed.
author: by Ray Kurzweil
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book title: Artificial Intelligence
deck: A modern approach.
author: by Peter Norvig PhD + Stuart Russell PhD
year: 2002
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book title: the Master Algorithm
deck: How the quest for the ultimate learning machine will re-make our world.
author: by Pedro Domingos
year: 2015
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book title: Machine Learning Yearning
deck: Technical strategy for AI engineers in the era of deep learning.
author: by Andrew Ng PhD
year: 2019
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book title: Rise of the Robots
deck: Technology and the threat of a jobless future.
author: by Martin Ford
year: 2015
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— notes —

AGI = artificial general intelligence
AI = artificial intelligence