Mind trip, humans to live forever by 2030 as person’s consciousness could be uploaded to computer

February 28, 2015

Futurist Ray Kurzweil, who has penned a series of books discussing what he calls singularity claims the capabilities to upload the human mind may be available by 2030.

Kurzweil outlines his idea of exactly how the uploaded human consciousness may interact with other consciousnesses via a sort of internet server.

He provides details on how the conversations and experiences may take place. For example, in the future, all minds — including both the living and dead — may be connected to an internet server.

If individuals wanted to meet virtually, they could simply request to be connected with another individual.

They could then go to virtual spaces created by images of the mind such as a cafe or nature. Similar to a chat room where the mind could control the setting, smells, sounds and sights. Kurzweil says this is not far fetched and as computer capabilities expand, will become rapidly available. […]

“Our scanning machines today can clearly capture neural features as long as the scanner is very close to the source. Within 30 years we will be able to send billions of nanobots — blood cell sized scanning machines — through every capillary of the brain to create a complete noninvasive scan of every neural feature.

“A shot full of nanobots will someday allow the most subtle details of our knowledge, skills and personalities to be copied into a file and stored in a computer.” — Ray Kurzweil