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January 1, 2024


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featurette: How 4 innovators made history.

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part 1 :: Ray + Kurzweil + Stevie Wonder
part 2 :: Anne Wojcicki
part 3 :: Amar Bose PhD
part 4 :: Steven Wolfram PhD

part 1. :: Ray Kurzweil + Stevie Wonder

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How Stevie Wonder + Ray Kurzweil changed music. In 1982 computer scientist and inventor Ray Kurzweil met with music legend Stevie Wonder. Together, Kurzweil and Wonder had an idea that would change music forever.

part 2. :: Anne Wojcicki

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The executive who’s making millions off people’s genetic profiles. She left the Wall Street life and helped revolutionize a science that touches each person.

part 3. :: Amar Bose

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How Amar Bose used research to build better speakers. Bose audio is a billion dollar company, but much of it started with an idea from a single scientist. This is the story of how Amar Bose made history.

part 4. :: Stephen Wolfram PhD

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How Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ friend changed the worth of math. Stephen Wolfram PhD was a young prodigy who grew tired of academics. So he started a company that allowed him to pursue his scientific passions, and build some revolutionary math software in the process.

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broadcast: CNBC
platform: Make It

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