Nominee profile: Joaquin Phoenix Her

December 24, 2013

Now the 40 year-old actor has made it four with a well-deserved nomination as Best Actor in a Motion Picture Comedy for his performance in Spike Jonze’s science fiction romance Her.

The film imagines the imminent advent of artificial intelligence and “emotional machines,” the so-called “singularity,” first postulated by futurist Ray Kurzweil and that many technology experts consider to be an inevitable coming development.

It’s a technological prospect that some may find unsettling; not Phoenix, however: “I think it’s very exciting,” he recently said on the subject, “I think it’s just the next evolutionary step. I love the idea of Ray Kurzweil, and some of his ideas about the future I think are really exciting. It doesn’t make me nervous at all. I think there will be a point where we merge with technology and I think it’s going to be cool.” […]

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The film Her was been nominated for best motion picture comedy, best screenplay, and its star, Joaquin Phoenix, for best performance in a motion picture comedy.

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