What it’s like to be a student at Singularity University, an insider’s story

June 10, 2013

I first heard about Singularity University from a friend who was a student in the very first SU cohort. He told me that being at SU changed his outlook on life. I was not surprised as I was a big fan of Ray Kurzweil’s (co-founder of SU) books and they had a similar effect on my life.

It is because of Kurzweil’s writing on intelligent machines that I decided to major in Computer Science, got my PhD and more recently a faculty position researching and teaching artificial intelligence. My friend had a similar educational background and if SU could produce such an impact on him, I wanted to experience it for myself.

The best way to describe the experience of being a student at SU is to say that it is an Ivy League university from the future: the admissions process is from the year 2012, but the curriculum is from the year 2020. […]

Singularity University was founded by Chancellor Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis, chairman, in 2009.