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talk by Ray Kurzweil
January 1, 2024




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group: the Council on Foreign Relations
program: The series on science + foreign policy.
talk: Exponentially expanding future + shrinking tech.
author: by Ray Kurzweil
date: November 2005

host: Richard N. Foster
guest: Ray Kurzweil

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name: Richard N. Foster
bio: investor + business analyst

bio: Managing Partner
company: Millbrook Management grp.

bio: Venture Partner
company: Lux Capital :: visit

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Ray Kurzweil spoke about rapidly advancing tech, and its possible implications for the future. He explained how tech evolves. And demonstrates how —- with this understanding —- he’s successfully predicteds things. Like the world-wide use of the web, decades before most people even knew what it was.

He used data graphs to present the potential for extremely miniature devices —- in the engineering field called called nano-tech.

And addressed concerns that society’s increased reliance on tech will be bad for humanity. He also dialogued with the audience for q + a.


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