Why the Moto X is a Google moon shot

August 2, 2013

Google has long focused its engineering resources on artificial intelligence. In December 2012, the company hired AI pioneer Ray Kurzweil to work on getting computers to converse more intelligently with humans, and the company is also using large-scale neural networks, which mimic how the human brain functions.

Ultimately, Google’s AI moon shot is for its brain to pass the Turing test, proof that a machine has intelligence indistinguishable from that of a human. The company has another 15 years to go if Kurzweil is correct.

He predicts that by 2029 Google’s brain or another AI creation will pass the Turing test. By that time, based on Kurzweil’s interpretation of Moore’s Law, the descendant of the Moto X will be the size of a blood cell. […]