Futurist Ray Kurzweil, here’s the one scientific fact that blows my mind

February 23, 2016

Business Insider • Tech Insider  | The world’s leading futurist Ray Kurzweil isn’t shocked by much. Except for this one thing. Kurzweil, one of the world’s leading minds on artificial intelligence, technology and futurism, has a strategy on how to prolong his own life — until science figures out how to make us immortal.

But he still can’t wrap his head around this one fact. The futurist is also author of best selling books, including The Age of Spiritual Machines, The Singularity Is Near and How to Create a Mind.

producer | Will Wei
editor | Christine Nguyen

transcript | What is the one scientific fact that blows your mind?

“Well, the size of the universe blows my mind. There are billions and billions, to quote Carl Sagan, of stars in our galaxy. And there are billions and billions of galaxies. So the vastness of the universe is quite extraordinary. But it appears that we may be the only place — at least within our light sphere — that we know about, in terms of light coming to us, that has a technologically capable civilization.

Because if the other ones were out there, I believe we would have noticed them already. That’s a long discussion. But we may be in the lead, despite the vastness of the universe.”

Ray Kurzweil

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