Steve Aoki on Neon Future, working with Fall Out Boy and trying to live forever

August 28, 2014

Joe Lynch: Do you believe we’ll reach the point of living indefinitely in our lifetimes?

Steve Aoki: Luckily I got to interview Ray Kurzweil. Kurzweil is the man pushing the concept of technological singularity. He believes we’ll reach it in our lifetime. He introduces the album. The first track is called “Transcendence.”

I interviewed Ray Kurzweil, took one of the voice bites from our interview, and I wrote a bed of music underneath him talking about Neon Future.

Closing part 1 of the album is Aubrey de Grey, who believes dying is a disease we can cure. Those are two leaders in my scope of futurism. I thought it was important to get some real, legit voices on Neon Future […]

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Steve Aoki | The official music video for “Singularity” by Steve Aoki featuring My Name Is Kay and Angger Dimas. Featuring a special appearance by futurist and technologist Ray Kurzweil.

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