featurettefrom | James BedsoleAn interview on the future of humanity.

with Ray Kurzweil
August 1, 2022

Ray Kurzweil profile | extended version

Ray Kurzweil interview | Kurzweil discusses living forever

Ray Kurzweil interview | How are you able to make such accurate technological predictions?

Ray Kurzweil interview | The future of the human/AI relationship

Ray Kurzweil interview | His thoughts on God

Ray Kurzweil interview | Of your many achievements, what are you most proud of?

Ray Kurzweil interview | He explains the expansion of our neocortex into the cloud

Ray Kurzweil interview | As Google’s Director of Engineering what projects are you working on?

Ray Kurzweil interview | Kurzweil comments on downsides to advanced AI technology

Ray Kurzweil interview | Are there limits to the exponential acceleration of information technology?

Ray Kurzweil interview | What do you mean by the “singularity”?

James Bedsole | This short film about author and visionary Ray Kurzweil is my final project in Video Field Production course at the Harvard Extension School, Fall, 2013. I collaborated with my classmate Joan Chambers in making the film.

Kurzweil was generous in making himself available to be interviewed. His answers to my questions were focused and full of excellent content.

(credit: James Bedsole)

I hope this video profile of Kurzweil will intrigue you to learn more about his ideas.

Ray Kurzweil’s primary website is KurzweilAI.net, with breaking technology news across many scientific fields, as well as hundreds of mind-stretching articles, mostly about exponential technologies.

You can watch Ray’s 2010 film, The Singularity Is Near, available here.┬áThe 2009 independent film about Ray Kurzweil, Transcendent Man, is not available for free viewing. You can download it here for a modest fee.


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